RSH Campaigns philosophy:

Dig in. Work hard.
Authenticity Makes Winning Ads

Daniel Rabin

For almost two decades Dan Rabin’s award winning television ads have played vital roles in political victories in the US and overseas.  In 1997, Dan began creating ads that helped decide many of America’s closest elections. From US Presidential campaigns to statewide and local races, Dan’s effective way of telling authentic stories, connecting with audiences and staying on message have helped break through the political noise and win.

As a Partner at RSH Campaigns, Dan’s portfolio includes ad campaigns for the Minnesota DFL IE for Governor Mark Dayton, the DFL IE for Congressman Rick Nolan, Elorza for Mayor, The Sierra Club, the Renewable Energies Coalition and dozens of other candidates and causes.

Internationally, Dan has helped elect five heads of state and created media campaigns for multiple candidates, parties and causes including: President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, the MRS in Nicaragua, the Democratic Party of Thailand, G17+ and For European Serbia in Serbia, The United National Movement of Georgia, Vitali Klitchko in Kyiv Ukraine, The PLP in The Bahamas and the opposition movements in Venezuela and Bolivia.

Dan has logged millions of miles of US and international travel for both work and pleasure, including multiple journeys throughout Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and Europe.

Dan is a University of Maryland Alum and has been a guest lecturer on political media at Columbia University.  He still plays beer league ice hockey and is a USA Hockey level 4 coach working with mites and pee wee’s in youth hockey programs.  Dan lives in downtown Washington, DC with his wife Allison, sons Cameron and Brighton, and their three rescued dogs.

Dave Hamrick

Dave has been working in Democratic campaign politics for more than 20 years as a campaign manager, grassroots strategist and media consultant.

He started his career as a grassroots organizer and worked for the Michigan Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign for President Clinton’s re-elect.  He served as a District Field Representative on Congressman John D. Dingell’s Congressional staff and managed his re-elect in 1998.  Additionally, Hamrick was a regional field director during the Iowa Caucuses for Al Gore before serving as Gore’s State Director in Maryland.

Dave ran several large statewide field programs including the Delaware Coordinated Campaign that helped win the state for Al Gore and elected Ruth Ann Minner Governor and Tom Carper to the U.S. Senate.  He also ran the Coordinated Campaign in South Dakota where Senator Tim Johnson overcame a large deficit to win by 526 votes.

Dave went on to serve as the National Coordinated Campaign Director for the DSCC in 2004 where he ran the GOTV effort for the Colorado Democratic Party in support of Senator Ken Salazar’s winning campaign.  He then served as the National Political Director at the DCCC under Chairman Rahm Emanuel where he helped recruit the class of candidates that took back Congress for the Democrats.

Hamrick was a grassroots advisor during the primaries for President Obama’s campaigns in New Hampshire and South Carolina and was a senior advisor in Michigan and Pennsylvania during the general election.  He also managed Lieutenant Governor John Carney’s race for Governor of Delaware.

Dave was a founding partner at New Partners Consulting and worked on projects including the Reform Immigration for America Now Campaign and TEACH before starting RSH Campaigns along with Dan Rabin.  Together they have been the media consultants and strategists for dozens of campaigns and organizations including the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party and the Sierra Club. Most recently Dave managed Martin O’Malley’s campaign for President of the United States.

Dave grew up in New York City and lives in Arlington, VA with his wife Rachel and his 3 boys.  He is a Springsteen aficionado and plays beer league ice hockey.  Dave has a B.A. in political science from the University of Massachusetts and a M.A. in Public Administration from the George Washington University and has been a guest lecturer at The American University and Columbia University.

Kristi Lowe

Kristi is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer for RSH Campaigns. She has over 15 years of experience as a campaign strategist and pollster. Kristi specializes in translating research based insights into creative content and messages that change hearts and minds. She is known for her ability to get things done while motivating teams and serving clients.

Prior to joining RSH, Kristi was a Partner at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner where she advised heads of state, government officials, national election campaigns, and progressive political parties around the world. Kristi developed strategy and messaging, and collaborated extensively with RSH on creating and testing paid media including television, digital, and radio advertising. She also managed other campaign efforts including grassroots organizing, events like party conventions and rallies, policy creation and roll-outs, debate prep, speech writing and media training. Kristi has conducted hundreds of surveys and focus groups in more than 15 countries and guided several leaders and political parties to electoral victory.

Closer to home, Kristi has overseen national and statewide research. With a particular passion for qualitative research, she has personally moderated hundreds of focus groups and elite in-depth interviews with extensive experience interviewing policymakers, politicians, senior journalists, business executives, academics and other senior stakeholders. Kristi has worked with U.S. political campaigns, advocacy organizations and higher education institutions to bring awareness to important issues, change public perceptions and develop communications strategies.

Kristi also brings experience helping leading brands solve complex reputation challenges with politically-inspired campaigns. She was a Managing Director at Purple Strategies where she where she translated insights into strategic communications plans and creative advertising content to help brands tell a compelling story.

A native of the Washington DC area, Kristi graduated from the College of William and Mary. She has authored opinion pieces appearing in publications such as Politico and HuffPost, and has served as a guest lecturer at the Central Intelligence Agency, State Department, and several universities. Kristi lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with her husband Zach and children.